Piretta Ltd.

We provide a complex of services for medical waste collection, storage and disposal. We offer services in installation of specialized equipment designed by our engineers, logistical services and modern efficient thermal disposal systems.
Our company provides services throughout the European part of Russia and has been selected to instruct medical personal on Olympic Games 2014.

Take a look at our products:

Our freezers come in various sizes. They can be modified to suit different needs.


Medical freezers:

Piretta 250 (250L) and Piretta 400 (400L)

The most popular choice, these freezers are equipped with locks to prevent unauthorized access and are relatively small so they can be used in majority of medical facilities.


Experimental model that takes up minimum space. Siutable for small spaces and potentially — vehicles.

Specialized Freezers Piretta 501M and 502M

Specialized freezers series that provides various volumes. They can be equipped with a variety of plastic tanks for biological waste: either one tank of 50L volume, or several 12L tanks, or without tanks — waste can be placed on shelves inside in a sealed waste bags. PErfect for dental facilities and other medical facilities with expected monthly waste from 20 to 150 kilograms.

Special-purpose cold storage accumulation chambers «NHS»

These chambers are produced in various sizes (form 6 to 30 meters square) and can be modified to suit different needs. All models have bactericidal emitters and 240L yellow storage tanks designed specifically to hold medical waste. Best for large medical facilities that have monthly waste of 3000-4000 kilograms.

Thermal waste disposal

Thermal waste neutralizer NTBOO Piretta-1000

Designed for burning solid domestic waste, medical waste, biological waste in significant amounts.

Our thermal neutralizer brings a lot of innovation to medical waste disposal. Advantages over other models on the market include, but are not limited to:

  • Possibility of round-the-clock operation without stopping the technological process
  • Unloading the ash residue without stopping neutralizer’s operation
  • Loading of the neutralizer plant with new portions of waste with the plant running without interruption
  • Nearly smokeless combustion
  • Workers safety is greatly increased due to thermal energy  being moved far from the working site due to the remote afterburner
  • Various types of waste can be burnt at the same time, including: needles, glass, bio-waste, plastic
  • Great value for money!

Technical characteristics:

  • Volume: 4 meters square (2.5 by 1.7 by 1 meters)
  • Waste loading port is positioned on the frontal side.
  • Maximum productivity per loading (without additional loading during burning) from 300 to 800 kg, depending on the morphological composition and density of waste
  • The forced draft channel and the dust collection channel (soot)
  • Organization of the combustion process without the use of burners
  • Automatic combustion control system in combustion and afterburning chambers
  • Electric consumption: just 2 engines of 5.5 kW
  • Outer size: 3 by 1.8 by 2 meters
  • For round-the-clock operation it needs just two operators (2 shifts)
  • Based on statistics — daily disposal can be around 1500 kilograms (up to 1700 kilograms)
  • Waste disposal cost: $0.085 per 1 kg of waste (including electicity and workforce cost, excluding rent and waste hauling)

Price: $68000 (including sale tax in Russian Federation)
1 year warranty
Technical service is required each 150000 kilograms of utilized waste. Approximate service cost: $1700 (Special service skills aren’t required for service personal). The predicted service life for intensive operation is not less than 5 years.

Thermal waste neutralizer NTBOO Piretta-500

Great for neutralization of dangerous and contaminated waste, equipped with removable camera for cyllindric metal container, that can be loaded and sealed directly on site and placed directly into neutralizer without exposure. Features 0.5 cubic meters of working chamber and can neutralize up to 300 kilograms of waste daily. Predicted service lifetime: 2 years. Price: $34000 (including sale tax in Russian Federation)


Piretta provides innovative solutions for waste disposal. Our patented technology allows for easy and effortless neutralization of dangerous waste. This includes:

  • Logistics plan, including installation of waste accumulation utilities, waste transport and waste neutralization.
  • Personal training for dealing with contagious and dangerous medical waste
  • Certification of medical accumulation and utilization utilities and facilities.
  • Improved safety for personal, population and environment
  • Affordable prices of medical waste disposal

With us — your problems will be solved quickly and with great care!
We are the company of waste disposal of a new generation, because we just do our job well and honestly!